COLOurless Coke Can

Not that Coke is going to ditch its iconic red anytime soon, of course. This apparently might be more eco-friendly than painting the cans, as it could reduce energy use and pollution in both the production and recycling processes. Plus, it looks like it was dispensed from a vending machine in The Bourne Identity, which is a good thing.

colorless coke

I actually dig it!


Adidas X Marina Abramović

This video will get you thinking not just only patterning Adidas the brand but how we as humans sometimes think they are capable of doing things on own own. God is always around you whether you acknowledge it or not. Anyway check out Marina Abramović showcase the previously studied “work relation” and tie that back to the World Cup – Adidas All In Or Nothing!

Pigalle x Nike Air Raid

Today Paris brand Pigalle presented its new Pigalle Basketball collection.


Heaven on sole is what came to mind, cheesy, I know but these are really amazing. There comes a time in a sneakers lovers heart where they are just obsessed with a certain pair of Kicks, even though they have other kicks …! For me I feel like this is going to be one of those relationships with sneaker heads out there. Trust me no store will have these anywhere in this country besides Shelflife!



Trust they not new at this, earlier on the year they dropped the this collab with their new basket ball gear!

pigalle-x-nike-capsule-collection-011-960x640 (1)